Elena Pavolková

1967 – SEŠ Martin

2000 – UTV UMB Banská  Bystrica,   degree in the fine arts

Since I was a child my mother used to occupy me around the loom. Firstly it was just riding on the warping reel, winding bobbins with flax for making canvas, sniping cloths for making the carpets, reeling on the loom, through heddle reeds and reed. Finally I was taught to beam – crisscross of threads that are like roads leading far away…

          Weaving in the village Veličná has deep roots. There was girls’ college where weaving was taught. Women from Veličná became well known weavers. Basic weaving of the canvas and carpets is performed on two pedals and two heddle reeds. On four, six or eight heddle reed “činovať” (style of weaving) is woven. My father carpenter made me new loom and so I devoted myself to this hobby. From the beginning I wove small tablecloths, curtains, dresses, handbags and pillows. After my one mistake in the pattern I realized that I could try some variable patterns on the canvas. And there came my first woven picture. For weaving I use only natural materials such as flax (watered and misted), cotton and wool.

          I granted many pieces of my work to my friends all around Slovakia and across the world as well (Czech republic, Austria, Denmark, Canada, USA, Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Australia, Germany…)